Mold Metal To Fit Your Needs

Arrange for custom fabrication services in Laramie, WY

Looking to upgrade your property with new metal features? You don't have to settle for a pre-made design that doesn't work for you. Choose Crow Peak Welding & Steel Services LLC for custom fabrication services instead.

We'll work with you to design and fabricate anything you have in mind, from simple projects like metal stairs to intricate custom gates and handrails. You worry about the design, we'll worry about putting it together.

Get custom fabrication services in the Laramie, WY area when you contact us today.

Hire an experienced welder for your project

Hire an experienced welder for your project

Fabricating custom metal hardware takes a trained and steady hand. You'll rest easy when you work with Crow Peak Welding & Steel Services because our welder has experience fabricating...

  • Custom gates, stairs and handrails for interior and exterior use
  • Industrial-strength platforms and pipeline hardware
  • Flatbeds, bumpers and hardware for tractor trailers
  • Continuous fencing
We'll fabricate your new parts to your specifications and make sure they work for you. Contact us at 307-761-4335 for fabrication services you can depend on.